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Pebble Watchapp: Premier League Scores

pebble javascript soccer

I got a new Pebble watch for Christmas this year and I, of course, wanted to be able to keep up-to-date on the latest Premier League scores with this new gadget. But unfortunately there were not any good app options to make that happen. So, being the good developer that I am, I decided to just make an app myself.

So here’s the details:

Premier League Scores

This is a pebble.js watchapp for displaying today’s English Premier League scores. Get up to the minute scores on the soccer/football matches happening today.

View the app details here.

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Pebble EPL Screenshot #1 Pebble EPL Screenshot #2


The recommended method for downloading this app is to use the Pebble appstore on your Android or iOS device.

Available on the Pebble App Store

You can also download the PBW file directly from GitHub.